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Canadian is Top Dog

On February 17, a beagle named Miss P whose home town is Enderby, B.C. prevailed over more than 2700 cute, cuddly and capricious canines to win “Best in Show” at the Westminster Kennel Club in New York City. As this is the major and most prestigious dog show in America, many experts have declared that Miss P is now Top Dog. She has already made appearances on morning TV shows, lunched at Sardi’s and been given a part in the hit Broadway musical, Kinky Boots.

It’s well known that small town girls don’t always fare well in the big city. Used to B.C.’s pure mountain air, ignorant of urban vices and naive to a fault, this regal but innocent beagle is not only vulnerable but is ready prey for hucksters, fraud artists and back alley schemers.

Thus, it was with sorrow and chagrin that I read that this simple and guileless dog had already spent time with an individual who, in a relatively short lifetime, has been accused of being fraudulent, racist, anti-semitic and anti-vaccination. Surely Miss P’s advisors could have picked more fitting company than Donald Trump.

Whatever happens, Miss P must endeavour to remain circumspect and discrete. Another Miss P (Miss Pennsylvania), also best in a recent show, didn’t keep her thoughts to herself. She was sued and ended up owing Mr. Trump five million dollars.

It’s incumbent on Miss P’s advisors that they get her back to B.C. as fast as possible. This simple lass is bound to be corrupted. Think of other talented young Canadians who have had their reputations tarnished because of instant fame. Innocents like Justin Beiber, Rob Ford and Ashley McIsaac just couldn’t handle it and neither will Miss P. Even in Enderby, they’re planning on making her mayor for a day..